Embrace the past and the present

The Corte di Gabriela boutique hotel in Venice was built as the home of a wealthy family of Venetian lawyers. Perhaps this is why it feels more like a home than a hotel, somewhere you feel happy to go back to in the evening.

The children's, parents' and grandparents' rooms, the lawyer's study and even the boathouse were all completely restored in 2012 without changing their original character, transforming them into eleven delicate rooms and suites. The result is a perfect blend of tradition and design.

It is so nice to come back to your room after a day in the chaos of Venice, take off your shoes and pull boutique hotel Corte di Gabriela slippers onto your tired feet. Take a hot bath surrounded by candlelight while the evening darkens into night and the first stars come out over the city.

Then, with the tip of your finger, use the iPad waiting on the bedside table to choose where to go tomorrow and perhaps enjoy one of the chocolates left on your pillow each evening to welcome you back to the hotel. Every evening, you'll find a different type of praline, because every day is different here with us.

Hotel Corte di Gabriela Hotel a Venezia Our rooms were large, exceptionally clean, with attention to detail.  – TripAdvisor


Suite Deluxe in guesthouse

60-64 m²

2 guests


16 sqm

2 guests


16-21 sqm

2 guests


20-26 sqm

2 guests

Junior Suite

30-36 sqm

2 guests

Junior Suite Balcony

30-36 sqm

2 guests

Neverending Stories

The style of our rooms is a unique blend of ancient and modern. We want to protect the past while welcoming the new.

On one hand are the ancient wooden doors and dark panelled ceilings, the Venetian floorings and cast iron gates finished in gold leaf.

On the other, fabulous pieces of design made to measure for Vitra and Alivar, Flos and Luceplan.

The old and the new embrace and settle down for a chat, right in front of you, so that every morning and every evening you can sit down with them and listen to stories that never end.

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