Breakfast at Corte di Gabriela

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I can not be sure that it really is, I’m not a nutritionist, but it certainly is the meal that makes you happier. There’s no doubt about it.

At Corte di Gabriela we try to make sure that having a breakfast here is always an unforgettable experience, because we take customers’ happiness very seriously.

What distinguishes our breakfast from the others? A couple of things, at least.

The first one is the variety.

Our guests are greeted with small puff pastries with apples, pear and chocolate cakes, croissants with jam, honey or hazelnut chocolate cream, ricotta cakes, rice and cheese patties, pear and ginger tarts, cinnamon apple strudels, homemade fig jam.

There is also a great selection of more savoury dishes: small puff pastry pizzas with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella, salted croissants with eggplant and cheese or ham and mozzarella, savory pastries with spinach and ricotta, puff pastry chicken sausage rolls, quiche with peppers and zucchini, stuffed tomatoes, mozzarella bufala and cherry tomatoes.

The second thing that distinguishes us?

The dishes we serve in the morning, both sweet and savoury, are produced by ourselves. Every morning I and my co-worker wake up early to prepare every dish for our guests’ enjoyment. A long and meticulous work in which we try to improve ourselves every day, a bit like the great Japanese sushi masters. A job that is also a rite, slow and somewhat soothing.

The third thing that differentiates us is the choice of ingredients. Fresh, of course, but mostly local. Being a boutique hotel in Venice it means also have the responsibility to make the experience more of a moving postcard. The smells and the local flavors are important just as well as its extraordinary food.

The meats and cheeses, for example, are all local, such as the typical “Ossocollo”. Even the coffee is Venetian and comes from the relatively small coffee company Girani, an extraordinary coffee roaster. We prepare it only in mocha, as it has to be.

The breakfast is really an important meal for us. We hope to share it with you as soon as possible.