Regata Storica is waiting for you

The first Sunday of September is special day for Venetians. The Historical Regatta is more than a tourist attraction; it defines the venetian way of life and it’s probably one of the most important event for every person that live here.

From the banks and private homes, all eyes are focused on the Grand Canal, coloured with dozens and dozens of Venetian rowing boats from the sixteenth century, in a procession that carries the Duke, the Duchess and the rest of the Judiciary venetian offices from Bassin San Marco to the Bridge of the Constitution, then proceeding back and reach the “Machina”, the floating stage in front of Ca ‘Foscari.

The parade is a relatively recent tradition that recalls the welcome that was reserved for Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus who abdicated his throne to embrace Venice in 1489.

What follows, however, is much older. The proper regattas, to be precise “Voga alla Veneta” races, have been present in the lagoon for more than a millennium. Divided by category and age, from the under twelve on maciarele to adults on six oars caorline, the races are more than picturesque events. We are talking about real competitions where you can earn the respect of the entire city.

The most famous of these races is definitely the race on gondolini, with the champions of the discipline that amaze for their extraordinary skill and athleticism every year.

We recommend you to buy the tickets, enjoy the wonder of this event and then celebrate with the locals. You are not going to regret that.