We love the water, we love our planet

Installing solar or photovoltaic panels on the buildings in Venice is prohibited. Really a pity, because if it were possible, we would probably have done that, too.

In fact, when we decided to convert the antique building that hosts the Corte di Gabriela Hotel, we have voluntarily chosen to do our utmost to affect the minimum on our environment and embrace that sustainability need that all the other hotels in Venice should embrace.

So we came up with a system – that no other hotel in Venice has – to have zero impact on the rivers (almost).

Everything works thanks to electricity: apart from a small boiler, which we use to heat the ground floor, we have class A ++ machines for energy saving to retrieve all the condensate that is produced by the split of the rooms and halls, and transform it into electrical energy that heats the water that you – our guests – use in your room.

Two machines positioned on the roof release surplus water.

Talking about the sewer system, we have a special machine that check everything passing through it and releases in the lagoon only filtered waters. So we do not pollute and do not ruin our beautiful lagoons.