One day in Murano: the glass blown country

Nobody leaves Venice without a blown glass souvenir. Children go crazy for tiny animal families: cats, dogs, giraffes, birds, and adults love to take home sparkling ornaments, such as decorative jars or a good omen object, like the elephant with raised trunk.

The blown glass has a charm all its own, almost magical. That transparency, those liquids colors, remind us of a tale, of distant worlds. Murano blown glass is so beautiful that you could think it is made by the fairies.

Instead, the great masters of Murano, the architects of such beauty, make it: in Murano, entire families, for many generations, have preserved the noble art of glass blowing, that in no other place in the world has reached such a level of sophistication and beauty.

Founded in 453 by the inhabitants of Altino fleeing the Huns, Murano is actually a set of seven small islands connected by an infinite number of bridges and footbridges.

In Murano you can visit the Glass Museum, which shows how the style, taste and technology have changed over the centuries. If you want to see a master glassmaker in action, we recommend you to book a tour in one of the many glassworks in Murano, where you can witness the actual birth of one of these finest pieces.

How to get to Murano

  • From Railway or Piazzale Roma: Lines 4.2, every 20 minutes. Murano reached in 35 minutes
  • From San Marco: you have to reach the dock of San Marco Monument, Line 4.1 every 20 minutes
  • From Fondamenta Nuove: 4.1 and 4.2 lines leave every 10 minutes