Venice Carnival: every year a different adventure

“Every man lies, but give him a mask and he will be sincere”, said Oscar Wilde.

Wearing a mask, for a night or for a whole day, is a freedom act, not just a game. In Venice, home to the largest Carnival in Italy, we know this: there is nothing more intriguing and fascinating than masks worn for Carnival, because the wearer is free to become someone else and it is an adventure always different, yet thrilling.

It is no coincidence that this year the topic of the Carnival is “Creatum – Vanity Af (fair)”, a clear allusion to the “desire to appear, to overdo, to be someone else or ten people all together.”

Nor is it a coincidence that those who want to be our guests during Carnival, will be greeted with two masks, in order not to get out of the Corte di Gabriela without the right style that requires this party.

Venice Carnival 2017 will start on February 11 and it will close on 28: the core of the party will be St. Mark’s Square, the many Venetian artisans gather to entertain people. Mask makers, instrument makers, glass makers and tailors will exhibit all the best you could wish for Carnival. It will be like going back into the Eighteenth Century Venice.

For those who want to participate in a real gala evening in Venetian style, there are those organized at Ca’ Vendramin Calergi, the sumptuous palace where Wagner composed his Parsifal. Quite expensive but absolutely unique.

But if you do not want to spend too much, you will be entertained with lots of free attractions: on 11 and 12 February there will be the Festa dell’Acqua, then you must not miss the 3 flights from St. Mark’s bell tower: the Angel’s Flight (19 February), the Eagle (26 February) and the Svolo of Leon (Shrove Tuesday).

And then, you can enjoy the Festa delle Marie on February 18, to remind you of the traditional gift of jewelry with the official emblem that annually the Doge carried to 12 beautiful poor girls.

Come and live all of this at the Hotel Corte di Gabriela, where the atmosphere for the Venice Carnival is even more enchanting than ever.