Biennale Arte in Venice: “Dialogue” is the theme of the 57th edition

The 57th International Art Exhibition, best known as Biennale and titled Viva Arte Viva (literally: Long Live Art Alive) will take place in Venice from Saturday 13 May to Sunday 26 November 2017. As president Paolo Baratta and curator Christine Macel explain, the title echoes the theme of this year’s exhibition, i.e. Dialogue: the path on which the exhibit unfolds suggests that of a journey where you will be given the chance to meet and get to know personally the artists involved. A chance that the curator herself will be presented with, as 103 out of the 120 artists will be featured in her exhibition for the first time ever.

The importance of fostering interaction between the artists and the visitors, as well as funneling the artists’ creativity flows, can be spotted in one of the main new features of this year’s edition of the Biennale Arte: besides the titles on display as a bibliography of the exhibition, at the Books Stand you may now also find selected publications that have influenced each artist in their evolution. Inspired by a humanistic philosophy, this choice joins the celebration of the artist’s centrality within the creation of their work.

Of the 85 countries that will join the exhibition through its venues, 3 are new entries: Antigua and Barbuda, Kiribati and Nigeria. You may as well stream the side events on the Biennale website: among the many scheduled, we suggest you take a look at Tavola Aperta (i.e. open table), where each Friday and Saturday the visitors will be invited to join the artist for lunch and have a chat about their works.