From head to toes

Anybody who knows Venice, knows that it is possible to visit it when it rains, as well as those who visit the desert expect to find the sand: it’s something that you can’t avoid! In addition to wonderful views, bridges and crafted chests, the rain is almost a constant in Venice.

This city, unique in the world, is often filled with walkways to allow tourists to visit it despite of the frequent high tide: the Venetians in this are fully equipped and they never get caught unprepared. Unlike the tourists, who, thinking of the beautiful Italy, do not take in consideration the idea of having to visit the wonderful Venice on the wooden pathways that are around Venice when the high water floods the streets and which, therefore, do not carry with them raincoats, umbrellas and boots for the rain.

To this, however, we find a solution! Here at Corte di Gabriela we wish that our guests, prepared or not to the possibility of finding bad weather, can enjoy the most of the visit of this unique city in the world, therefore, as Cinderella has her crystal shoes, we let the guest find outside each room door, a pair of boots for the rain for each guest of their own size, so, who stays at Corte di Gabriela can feel really at home: this service it’s for us very important, because it’s essential for our guests to live Venice as a dream and more pampered as possible.

Before going out to get lost in the Calles, the courts and the Venetians museums, we give each our guest one of our small umbrellas so that they can really be repaired from head to toes. Armed with umbrellas and rain boots they can really enjoy the beauty of the city, appreciating the unique and inimitable charm that characterizes it, with or without the rain.