VizioVirtù and Corte di Gabriela: combination of authenticity and taste

It is getting harder to find someone on our wavelength, someone caring about authenticitytaste and real welcoming as its core values.
We have done it: in VizioVirtù, artisanal chocolate shop, we found an ideal partner, to share common projects and sweet moments.

Their adventure started in 2005, when they opened their first artisanal workshop: a magic place able to cater for even the most demanding palates and the most discerning customers. This sweet world is located between Rialto and San Marco square: an ideal part of the city, easy to reach.

Here thousands of delicacies are created, to tickle everyone’s palate: from the cocoa paste to the Gianduiotti by VizioVirtù, the delicious pralines and much more.

Why connect Corte di Gabriela and VizioVirtù?
Because magic should have no boundary and to organize wonderful events together: tastings, chocolate classes, pleasant breaks of taste.

Curious about what it is going to happen? All you can do is wait!