Uniqueness of your home, exclusivity of a boutique hotel

Corte di Gabriela, before turning into a particular boutique hotel, has been for a long time the home of a wealthy family of Venetian lawyers. Innumerous moments of life, pieces of stories mingling, the past and the present: you could breathe this atmosphere at the time we purchased the building. We decided to keep that atmosphere – both magical and authentic – in our hotel. In all interventions, we took care to adapt ourselves to what was already there, not the other way around. We let the vital essence of the house drive our choices. This is way, every guest of Corte di Gabriela feels at home, first of all.

To make every moment special, your own moment, we created a place that cannot be found elsewhere in Venice, very distant from the concept of standard hotel, where all customers receive the same – impersonal – service. No customers at Corte di Gabriela, only welcome guests, that we receive always with a smile. Already at the entrance, you will have the distinct feeling we are definitely different from any other accommodation: our desk reception is crystal, while the breakfast table is an authentic carpenter’s bench lovingly restored. In every corner, you will find pieces of our story and something about you, recalling the warmth of your home.

Everything here has a touch of extraordinary, beginning with our rooms and suites, all furnished in different styles, blending tradition and design. Where there was the precious tapestry in black and grey, we have exalted it through contrasting lacquered red walls; where the ancient palace was decorated by frescoes, we have celebrated it with a soft lighting, creating the ideal condition to fully appreciate it. 

Characteristic is our breakfast, prepared every morning with passion, the same passion you have when cooking for a friend or a member of your own family. In the fresh pastries, smelling of cinnamon, and in warm mini pizzas you will experience our dedication to create unforgettable memories in Venice. Our coffee is served in a classic Bialetti Moka directly at your table, how you like it and as always has been done in this building. Our chinaware are English artisan products: you will not find two identical cups in your morning rituals at Corte di Gabriela, because the manufacturing methodology makes them unique. Every item has three cooking steps, from the raw material to the coloured cup, and colour is sprayed in random order. So, we have different mugs and plates, as in your kitchen at home.

Enjoy the view of Rio channel and feel home: you are at Corte di Gabriela.