When the priority is the well-being of the guest

Hotel Corte di Gabriela has demonstrated over the years attention to every need of travelers, taking care of all the details to make their stay special and unforgettable. In the wake of this continuous search for excellence, we are pleased to share with you one of our strengths on which we place our special attention: cleaning.

In addition to the ordinary daily cleaning lavished by our attentive staff, Hotel Corte di Gabriela, committed to perfecting more and more quality in its services, uses an ionizing machine for cleaning its rooms at each guest’s departure.

When we talk about ions in relation to air, in particular, we refer to negative oxygen ions.

The ionizer is a device that thanks to an electric circuit, is able to put the atoms of the atmosphere in contact with a very high voltage (about 10-15 thousand volts).

The air coming out of the ionizer is therefore rich in ions. Ionizing the air of an environment helps to make it cleaner: the negative ions, in fact, bind to the particles suspended in the air (powders, aromas, smoke, pollen and bacteria) and they charge them electrostatically. As a result, the dust will tend to bind to the surfaces it meets rather than flutter.

The ionizer then purifies the environment, making the room free of any dust and sterile like the one we find inside an operating room.

At the end of the cleaning process the air is healthier and hypoallergenic, ready to welcome and pamper the new guest!