Naval art returns home

Venice returns to host an international event dedicated to boating whose exhibition venue will be the Arsenale, which represents the military power of the Serenissima, the heart of the naval industry, which over the years has symbolized the western defense of our culture and Europe.

A unique historical context, with a water basin of 50.000 square meters and pavilions restored with stone columns and very bright vaults for a total of 6.000 square meters.

The title of the exhibition “Naval art returns home” opens on June 18th with the participation of the National Aerobatic Air Force Display Team (Frecce Tricolore) and until June 23rd it will be possible to visit the exhibition areas and carry out water trials of the boats.

The cultural offer alongside the exhibition area is full of collateral events to be held in the rooms of the Arsenale and in the rest of Venice. It is a series of cultural activities related to nautical planning and culture with the participation of several guests.

Do not miss the visit to the submarine “Enrico Dandolo”, a relic of the Second World War made available for the visit throughout the event and attraction that will interest many families with children.

The opening days of the Boat Show coincide with the Biennale Arte (art exhibition) that faces the same body of water as the large dock, making the Arsenale the theater of cultural and artistic works including the installation by Lorenzo Quinn called “Building Bridges” which consists of 12 large intertwined hands that overlook the small Cannaregio basin, a symbol of union between craftsmanship, art and nautical technology.