Summer in Venice

Visiting Venice during summer means being able to enjoy the long sunny days spent outdoor in a whirlwind of colors and savoring enchanting sunsets over the Venetian lagoon.

But nothing prevents you from taking a little break to relax at the Lido’s beach, the strip of sand that separates the lagoon from the Adriatic Sea where all the Venetians flee to in the summer, the ideal place for those who can’t get away from the sea. The vaporetto takes only 15 minutes to reach Lido and the rides in the summer months are intensified.

The Lido is known throughout the world for the Film Festival, one of the oldest film events that the island hosts between the end of August and the first week of September, but also offers much more.

Almost 10 kilometers of white beaches with a pine forest of about 30 hectares, a combination of nature and biodiversity. Not far away is the Murazzi promenade, a dam built to prevent the erosion of the sea from taking away the sand spit of the Lido. A walk on the Murazzi is an immersive and very pleasant experience.

Also Malamocco is worth a visit, one of the first settlements on the island: a spectacle of tranquility where you can still breathe the Venetian air. Separated by a narrow canal, Malamocco is a small Venice with alleys, pastel-colored houses and a small harbor where time seems to have stopped.

Architecture enthusiasts will not miss a walk among the villas of the island: elegant buildings with a mix of early twentieth-century style. The Art Nouveau villas enchant with their facades and lush green gardens. All you have to do is book your stay in Venice and….don’t forget the bathing suit.