Happy birthday Venice

Dear guests of Hotel Corte di Gabriela,
the desire of our city is that, after the dark months faced, it wants to start again, the 2021 year will be important for Venice as it will celebrate the 1,600th anniversary of its birth on 23 March.
From this date and all the year long, Venice will celebrate the anniversary with a program of events organized and promoted by local institutions with exhibitions, museums and city tours, conferences and seminars to remember and leave an important tribute to the history of the Serenissima Republic, and for all Venetians people, implementing a simple operation to enhance the historical heritage of the city, with images that will go around the world to let you know a city that after a millennium of history continues to live and will be ready to welcome new visitors.
Dear guest follow our blog to stay updated on upcoming news ideas and promotions, because traveling is wonderful, if you travel in knowledge it is doubly so, and by staying at Corte di Gabriela we will help you to know Venice as if it were a nice walk nearly 16 centuries long.