The hidden Venice

Venice is one of the most beautiful city in the world and for many many years it has enchanted millions of tourists with its masterpieces of art and architecture such as the Rialto Bridge, Piazza San Marco, symbolic destinations in the history of the Serenissima and therefore the most visited. But the city offers the opportunity to discover areas that will enchant you with hidden and intimate details, absolutely not to be missed, you will find the secret and hidden Venice, far from the eyes of tourists. Follow Here some of the destinations that Corte di Gabriela suggests and will show you once you will stay with us we are going to guarantee you maximum assistance so that you can admire the true essence of Venice, the perfumes, the language and the life of the Venetians people:


Giudecca is the largest island of Venice. Originally named Spinalonga due to its elongated shape that remember a fishbone. Of particular interest is the church of the Zitelle, begun in 1582 by Jacopo Bozzetto, on a project by Palladio, and completed in 1586. Through the way you will see the Church of the Redentore for sure the most important building of this island, built by the Venetian Senate as a votive temple, consecrated to Christ the Redentore after the end of the plague that struck the city in 1575, for this reason every third Saturday of July, the festival of Redentore is celebrated, as perfect example of a popular Venetian festival with the Giudecca canal invaded by typical private boats of Venetians. Giudecca’s island is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet and simple atmosphere, in contrast to „the other Venice“, in this place at the end of the day you will see the fabulous colors of the sunset in the lagoon , next to the famous Hilton Molino Stucky


Walking through the Venetians streets around Campo Manin, you will reach this small wonder of Venice, Palazzo Contarini the feature that makes this architecture truly magical is the external tower called the „ladder’s Bovolo“, a Venetian word that indicates the snails, On the top you will find the dome, perfect place to admire Venice from above, with his different profiles as the roofs of the houses, with their curious wooden structures called Altane real terraces, positioned above the roofs, supported by some pillars.


Located in the San Polo district, The Rialto market is an example of the city’s culinary tradition which is naturally based on fish, rigorously bought fresh every day, this market is also full of food shops and fruit and vegetable stalls. Visiting the Rialto Market is an experience not to be missed, an unmissable and daily destination for Venetian people is a tradition that has been going on for years, also an ideal place to admire the awakening of the city during the opening phase and preparation of the stalls, an excellent place for a mid-day break with a good glass of wine, called „ombre de vin“ in Venetian dialect