Carnival 2022

Venice with its  masks wants to populate once again “ calli  and campielli” we arrived at the opening of what is one of the most famous and celebrated events in the world. Venice says it is ready to start again with a lighter formula that even if it will not see the traditional flight of the Angel from the bell tower of San Marco to the stage of the event, it will aim at more widespread and popular events.  The countdown has now begun. The Carnival in fact officially starts on Sunday, February 13, 2022 and will continue throughout the month until Sunday, March 1, 2022. Highlights will be those of Shrove Thursday (which this year will fall on Thursday, February 24) and Shrove Tuesday (Tuesday, March 1). In between, the classic Carnival Sunday (Sunday, February 27). Then with Ash Wednesday (Wednesday, March 2) will begin in the Christian tradition the time of Lent that will lead up to Easter, Sunday, April 17.