The animal collection of Pierre Rosenberg

With this exhibition from April 26 to August 1, 2022 „The Glass Rooms“ at the Giorgio Cini  Foundation reopen to the public. The exhibition „The Glass Ark“ is dedicated to the extraordinary collection of glass animals by Pierre Rosenberg. The exhibition traces – in an original and engaging way – the history of Murano glass of the twentieth century through the figure of the glass animal. On display, elephants, dogs, hippos, cats, giraffes, mammoths, bears, parrots, fish, turtles, foxes, but also tiny insects made by Bruno Amadi, which belong to the personal collection that Pierre Rosenberg, has put together in thirty years of assiduous attendance of Venice. The work of the glassworks of the island of Murano in the twentieth century has contributed a very large repertoire of glass animals, with characteristics that distinguish them from those made of other materials: in fact, does not transpire in them any fierce attitude and never gives the feeling that it is a game.

The exhibition can also be visited digitally, thanks to the new 3D virtual tour – accessible both from desktop and mobile, connecting to the website www.lestanzedelvetro.org – which gives the possibility to explore, room by room, the extraordinary works on display thanks to the numerous textual, photographic and video contributions dedicated to the Venetian production of glass animals.