Venice Boat Show

The Venice Boat Show returns from Saturday 28 May to Sunday 5 June 2022. The exhibition venue will be at the Venice Arsenal, a symbol of the Serenissima Republic’s power and military might and the heart of its naval industry. which thus wants to connect profoundly with Venice’s history and ancient maritime tradition. An incomparable historical context right in the centre of Venice, consisting of a 50,000 square metre water basin, over 1,500 linear metres of piers for over 250 boats in the water, 30,000 square metres of outdoor exhibition space, and covered pavilions totalling about 10,000 metres. 

The Arsenal will be accessed from three points: from the Giardino delle Vergini, from the “ Bacini “ (which will be connected to the airport) and from the Padiglione delle Navi (Arsenale stop). About 100 berths and 10 thousand square metres of exhibition area will be created, and it will be open to the public every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The themes for this new edition are very interesting and are divided into:

– Yacht a Vela, the novelty of 2021 presents itself with a double-sided 96-metre linear pontoon, entirely dedicated to sailing boats from the most prestigious international and Italian shipyards;

– Motor Yacht, with boats from 15 to 40 metres long that will be displayed in the ‘yacht riviera’ and in the new pontoons under construction.

On 1 June, for example, there will be a water parade departing from the Darsena Grande – the northern external route – Cannaregio – Rialto – St Mark’s Basin – and returning to the Arsenal. On the following days, other activities will take place to entertain visitors, including Visit to the Dandolo submarine – Visit to the Naval Museum. – Visit to the Ships Pavilion

The Venice Boat Show is promoted by the Municipality of Venice and organised through the company Vela spa, in collaboration with the Italian Navy