Chimneys Of Venice

Hardly during a walk do we look toward the sky, we usually just look around, or in what direction we are proceeding.
But have you ever paused to look at the facades of Venetian palaces?
We can discover art starting from ancient frescoes, Venetian windows designed in multiple styles, unique altanas, and fireplaces.

The Venetian fireplaces are almost all different but with the same functionality, safety: the escape of sparks from the fireplaces was the main cause of fires. The structure of the chimneys, forced the air to follow specific paths and sparks hitting the walls were guided, cooled and imprisoned.
We cannot forget the important figure in this story: the chimney sweep; There were about 80 workers in Venice in 1661, now they are nowhere to be found.

Here are some tips where you can see some of them:
Palazzo Dario: inverted bell
Fondamenta della Misericordia : with a double or triple fork
On the Rio di San Stae : with a dado head
From the Pasqualigo bridge to Santa Maria Formosa : truncated or flattened pyramid-shaped
Campo San Fantin: a campanile

Some of the chimneys are reproduced in paintings by great painters such as Canaletto, Bellini, giving a realistic view of the period and its current architectural charm.

I bet you will pay more attention to the little things now.