Venice: 18th International Architecture Exhibition (2023)

The 18th International Architecture Exhibition is strictly connected with the word “change”.
Roberto Cicutto, the President of Venice Architecture Biennale, and Lesley Lokko, the curator of this
International Architecture Exhibition, announced the title : “The Laboratory of the Future”.
The exhibition is open to the public from Saturday 20th May to Sunday 26th November 2023 at the
Giardini, the Arsenale and Forte Marghera.
In Mestre (Venice mainland), indeed, you can enjoy and admire a large-scale installation by Emmanuel
Pratt together with the Curator’s Special Projects.
“The Laboratory of the Future” includes 89 participants, over half of whom are from Africa or the African
Diaspora. Lesley Lokko is a Ghanaian-Scottish architect, academic, and novelist and now she is also the third woman to lead one of the most important cultural events in the world.
Lokko is the curator of the 18th exhibition where Africa is examined as the Laboratory of the Future, and
diversity and cultural identity are acknowledged with all its own layers.
“There is one place in which all these questions of equity, resources, race, hope and fear converge and
coalesce. Africa,” said Lesley Lokko at the press conference.
“The Laboratory of the Future” is an incredible attempt of supporting and enhancing cultural diversities.
Everybody keeps on talking about a modern, diverse, and inclusive society, but as long as it remains an
image, it is a mirage. For this reason, architects play a very important role in turning this image into reality.