Runaway show at Corte di Gabriela
Discover Made in Italy: Fugubag and Ca’ Beltà

At Corte di Gabriela we are glad to offer you new initiatives and innovative projects which can be
interesting not only for our guests, but also for the inhabitants of our beloved lagoon.
The runaway shows, we have the pleasure to host in our boutique hotel, represent our passion for
the territory, the quality and our well-know Made in Italy.
In June we organised this event in collaboration with Fugubag and Ca’ Beltà. The first one is a
brand of handmade bags and Venetian slippers aiming at the sustainability and research of unique
and stunning materials. The second one is a brand of custom-made dresses focusing on originality
and attention to details.
They both share their love for Venice, its colours and history.
The show took place in our main hall at 6.30 p.m. and ended at 8 p.m. After this experience, the
participants were offered a typical Italian aperitif inside our boutique hotel.
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