Venice and Furlane, from traditional to iconic and chic shoes!

The furlane are shoes with a very long history and the name dates back to the XIX century when brave
women in Friuli began to produce footwear with left-over fabrics and old bicycle tires.
According to the legend, a family decided to open a small shop for selling their scarpez – this is how they
call the furlane in Friuli- right by the Rialto Bridge in Venice. The friulane or furlane were an immediate
success among gondoliers and nobles.
The first ones were in love with furlane, because the rubber sole allowed them to have a firm grip when
rowing while still protecting the precious pitch-black varnish on their gondolas. The second ones wore
these shoes, because they could enter their lovers’ rooms without being heard.
Nowadays the furlane are a real must- have and everybody loves them, since they are comfortable and chic at the same time.
Corte di Gabriela recommends Teod’amar, Norma Marzà’s brand, to anyone interested in Made in Italy and. Venetian slippers.
Norma is a designer and artisan who produces Venetian slippers, beach towels, bags, kimonos and unique and elegant accessories. They all are high-quality products hand made by artisans, using fabrics such as. linen, cotton, silk and velvet.
You can find Norma’s products in the following locations:
San Marco, Calle delle Botteghe, 2995-2996
Sestiere Cannaregio, Salizada San Geremia, 317
C/o Hotel Excelsior, Lido di Venezia Venezia VE
Once again Venice becomes a source of inspiration for producing iconic footwear inspired by this charming. and mysterious lagoon city where culture and tradition are beyond comparison.