Your good morning ritual

At 6.30 in the morning, when only the odd gondola is slowly stirring in the canals of Venice, Gian Luca is shrugging off his jacket and pulling on his chef's apron, getting ready to prepare you his famous breakfast.

He describes breakfast at the romantic hotel Corte di Gabriela as a "process": a constant flow of different dishes to pamper you in the morning until you're ready to put on your hat and jacket and plunge into the heart of Venice.

Hotel Corte di Gabriela Hotel a Venezia

The highlight of the hotel is its amazing breakfast  – TripAdvisor

Just how you like it

The breakfast of our romantic hotel in Venice is made to match the morning rituals of all our guests: the early-risers who just can't wait, and those who prefer a lie-in in the satin sheets before coming downstairs full of sleep. We therefore keep the table full from 8 am until 11.30 am and later.

If you prefer to have breakfast in private, you can take your Bialetti moka to your room and wake up your partner with hot coffee and a kiss, before sipping it comfortably in bed or in the silence of the balcony overlooking the rio.

Take a break Sit in the courtyard

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