Hospitality of Corte di Gabriela is special: recognised by the greatest partners

The biggest satisfaction, for us who are in the accommodation field, is to receive good reviews and appreciation from people choosing to stay by us.

For a brief romantic getaway or a longer stay, the warm welcome you can breathe at Corte di Gabriela is equally special.

This is because every day we take care of your stay at the hotel with such attention to every conceivable detail, insignificant to many others. Not to us, because it is part of your day: the more we succeed in making that day perfect, the more we are close to our final goal. That is realizing for you a personal and unforgettable experience in Venice.

Our constant efforts to improve ourselves have recently received considerable awards from the greatest business partners in the field.

On, 2017 closed in an excellent way: our boutique hotel ranked 9.4 out 10. Thanks to your enthusiastic reviews.

On Orbitz, Corte di Gabriela has, for the year 2018, full recognition: score of 5 out 5 and 100% of guests recommend for their stay in Venice.

On Expedia too, we reach 89 genuine guest reviews, with words of authentic thanks for their stay by us.

Beyond the numbers, important anyway, what makes us very proud is the appreciation of our efforts, day by day, together with confirmation that our care for you is not a waste of time.

Because Hospitality is Art, but not everyone is an artist.