Masked holidays for the Venice Carnival

It is one of the most famous Carnivals in Europe and is known all over the world. Venice Carnival wraps you in the splendor of costumes and sparkling masks.

Immerse yourself in the Venice Carnival and experience in first person one of the most representative events of this magical city. Numerous initiatives and events are held in three weeks of festivities. The dances open on February 16th and end on March 5th.

St. Mark’s square will be the fulcrum of the Carnival and location for the perfomances and shows, including the famous flight of the Angel on February 24th. Launching from the bell tower of St. Mark’s,  the “Angel” will descend towards the parterre where he will be welcomed by the Doge and by the parade of  groups of historical re-enactments in costume.

Following the free contest of the most beautiful mask that will give everyone the opportunity to parade with masks and costumes.

Famous dinner and official dance at the majestic Cà Vendramin Calergi palace where the famous musician Richard Wagner lived. A special evening where the pleasures of food and festival meets, where details have been taken care of to revive the splendor of  the 18th century Carnival. Who wants to dive, at least once in the mystery and magic of the Carnival must take a trip to attend the Venice Carnival.

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