Atelier Marega: the story of a craftsman and his passion

The Venice Carnival is an unmissable event and so awaited that literally plunges all into the 18th Century Venice. Corte di Gabriela always lets its guests to fully experience the magic of this kind of event offering at their arrival a venetian traditional mask, skilfully created by one of the most historic ateliers of the Serenissima: Atelier Marega.

This is a real piece of local handicraft history, a workshop managed for over 30 years by Carlo Marega that drives with enthusiasm and well-deserved success the development of his business.

He began his career as an assistant of the glass master but a short time later, working blown glass was not enough for him and shortly will be right Venice, city of art, Carnival, Casanova and masks to inspire him.

His overwhelming enthusiasm involves all his staff with which Carlo works and soon his business begins to rise.

“Mascherer” the ancient Venetian art returns to live again thanks to his skilful hands. The style and technique become ever more refined. Ceramic and paper mache masks richly adorned with lapis, chiffon, gold and silver leaf, lace, fine damask decorations take their place in Carlo’s atelier and very quickly become known in the world.

From here arises the collaboration with Corte di Gabriela that in the years always wanted to celebrate the local and authentic handicraft in order to offer to its guests a moment of leisure and fun in true Venetian style.