To be Venice, your guide around Venice

Venice is a magical destination!
Every corner hides wonders. Going off the beaten track, you will have the chance to look at the city from a less conventional point of view, more intimate, authentic and original.
Following this line, Corte di Gabriela wanted to create a sort of guide, application to browse online to accompany you in your search for tradition.
“To be Venice” was born with the specific intent to let its guests know the handicrafts, the local products, the traditional cuisine with its typical dishes and to guide them in the safe purchase of original products of Venice.
Browsing through our archive you will know where to buy with absolute certainty objects made with typical Murano glass and not false imitations. You will know where to find the authenticity of the Venetian culinary tradition. You will discover the local craftsmanship to rediscover the value and quality of handmade objects.
Often during the stay we are asked where to buy the true Venetian tradition and in any case something authentic. Here, we with this “portal” want to advise you, offer you an additional service to ensure you an impeccable stay.
Among the stores listed there will also be Caffè Girani, the oldest roasting company in Venice where we ourselves buy the coffee that we offer you during breakfast. Here you will find the scent of tradition; the owners will know how to accompany you during the coffee tasting.
Emi Art Glass will introduce you to the original Murano glass with which we too have chosen to adorn our hotel. There are many proposals offered to make even the purchase experience inviting and satisfying. From the purchase of the perfume, to the accessory, to the furnishing complements and the satisfaction of your palate by listing a series of restaurants, taverns where the tradition is mixed with the contemporary.
Let yourself be surprised by the unknown riches of Venice among authentic restaurants and historic stores.