Venice Summer 2021 – Chapter 1

Venice has always been considered one of the most popular destinations for Italian and foreign tourists.

Its greatest peculiarity is that it is a city of art completely on the water, a characteristic that has always fascinated millions of people, since the time of Napoleon.

Rich in islands that emerge from the water, Venice is captivating for the beauty of its small hidden corners or for its many canals and streets that reveal to those who live there the treasures it hides.

Forget about following the main routes that lead you inexorably towards San Marco or the Rialto. Venice is also something else. Each sestiere is rich, very rich in things to offer. You will discover lesser known calli and campielli and more secluded places.

But Venice is also an oasis of fine golden sand, where you can spend carefree days relaxing and having fun

In addition to private beach areas, Lido di Venezia also offers free beach areas such as the sand dunes of San Nicolò and Alberoni, the Murazzi rocks and the Bluemoon beach

If you still want to immerse yourself in landscapes of rare beauty along cycle paths away from the beaten track, discovering the environmental variety, historical roots, traditions and culture of the Venice Lagoonthen hire a bike to discover the islands of Lido and Pellestrina.

Wondering what entertainment to find at the end of the day on hot Venetian summer evenings?

Don’t worry, even in this case there are many proposals.

Let’s start by suggesting a two-hour tour to discover a mysterious Venice amidst ghosts and legends. The tour should be done in the evening, precisely to tinge it with mystery amidst the darkness of the Venetian streets.

You will be accompanied along unusual itineraries that wind through the various districts of the city.

…and for music lovers

You can enjoy a musical adventure by trying the unique experience of the Fenice Theatre, but not only that, there are many alternatives for classical music lovers including I Musici Veneziani, Interpreti Veneziani and Musica a Palazzo. Churches and palaces where operas by Verdi, Vivaldi and Rossini are staged.

There are also evenings dedicated to jazz music. Check out the programme on: Laguna Libre (

Again, if you are one of the lucky few to visit Venice in this strange summer and want to stay up late in the evening, don’t overlook the possibility of a cocktail at Il Mercante. They serve cicchetti and sandwiches.

Or head to the Fontego dei Tedeschi, take a seat on the sofas in the Amo cocktail bar inspired by the gondolas’ “felze” (mobile structure) and enjoy the spectacle of your cocktail being prepared at the counter in the centre of the room.

Don’t miss the Skyline Rooftop Bar at the Hilton Molino Stucky where you can enjoy the best view of Venice.

What are you waiting for, summer in Venice is a special one!