The „new“ rooms of the Correr Museum in Venice

The redevelopment project of the Marciana area, the heart of the city of Venice, go ahead. In fact, after a long and demanding restoration work, twenty rooms of the Royal Palace, integral parts of the “   Museum Correr “ , have finally been reopened to the public.

The  sumptuous rooms, constituted the original private apartments used by the members of as many as three ruling houses: the Bonaparte, the Hapsburgs and the Savoy.

Located within the Napoleonic Wing and the Procuratie  Nuove, where the Correr Museum is located, overlooking the Royal Gardens and St. Mark’s Basin. The historic rooms, a cross-section of art and costume history and long neglected, are being returned to Venetians and the general public after a decade of work. For the first time, the public will be able to walk through all of the twenty rooms of the private apartments at the Correr  Museum one after the other, in a  scenographic  row. Used by the members of three ruling houses-Bonaparte, Habsburg, and Savoy-during the entire 19th century and until 1920, when they were used as state administration offices. The new rooms are all decorated and mostly sumptuously upholstered with tapestries that echo the original designs, original, on the other hand, the furniture, which comes precisely from the Royal Palace and after complex events and relocations finally returns to occupy the space they are entitled to. These are large elegant rooms. where Italian and European History has passed. Once the time of kings and emperors ended, those halls became offices and archives at the disposal of the State and its officials.