Veneziamare was born from the vision of a city too beautiful to receive what it is undergoing today: most of the people who live it every day take advantage of its beauty, wasting its integrity. We aim to try to improve tourism, making it sustainable and above all in line with the naturalistic context.

Davide De Giorgi

Mother from Burano and fishermen father: immediately the relationship between lagoon and tradition became strong and solid.
Passionate about boats, but his parents didn’t had them: so he started rowing and working in the squero. Thanks to the oar he understood the difficulty and power of the engine in today’s world, synonymous of haste and speed.

Our tour


Our tour starts from Fondamenta Nove: San Michele cemetery to enter Murano’s Grand Canal. The first stop is at the Studio Salvadore executive furnace, which combines exclusive techniques, develops different shapes and colours to create unique works, full of balance and harmony. We continue to visit the Mazzega srl glassworks. We continue our journey along the Grand Canal to stop at the Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donato, one of the finest examples of Venetian-Byzantine style in the Lagoon.

S. Caterina & Torcello

We now take Canale S. Giacomo, which divides the islands of Mazzorbetto and Mazzor’s, where you are greeted by the beautiful Church of S. Caterina and one of Venice’s most famous vineyards. We now venture into the magical island of Torcello to visit the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, passing under the famous Devil’s Bridge. Next stop: Burano.

Burano & S. Francesco del Deserto

Here we can learn about lace-making and the history of the beautiful coloured houses. We continue towards S. Francesco del Deserto, the island is open to tourists: an opportunity for a historical-religious culture, but also to enjoy the peace and quiet that the place offers. A stone’s throw away is the wild island of S. Erasmo: the Venetian countryside.

S. Erasmo

This has always been an important place of cultivation, and we can visit the countless vegetable gardens and vineyards, renowned for belonging to the Slow Food movement. We continue along the Passaora canal, skirting the New Lazaretto to venture between the island of Vignole and Forte S. Andrea, a historical landmark. We conclude our tour by continuing behind the island of Certosa and entering the bacino di San Marco.

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