The 3 most famous pastries in Venice!

Pastries in Venice can be described as a symbol of the city and pastry-making here is pure art
which is passed on from one generation to the next.
Do you know that the sugar was brought to Venice after the Crusades during the twelfth century
and was traded by Corner, a noble family, that owned sugar cane plantations in Cyprus? The raw
sugar was then processed and refined in their palace, called Ca’ Corner on the Grand Canal.
However, it was a rather expensive ingredient and therefore it became a real symbol of wealth
and opulence.
The venetian pastry-making, such as the cuisine, can be defined as “fusion”, because they both are
the result of multicultural and commercial relations which grew over the centuries. The spices
came to Venice from the East: cinnamon and black pepper, cloves and ginger, vanilla and nutmeg,
pine nuts and sultanas.
Today we chose the 3 most famous and iconic pastries in Venice.

  1. Bussolà Burenelli
    Crumbly and extremely fragrant cookies made in the coloured island of Burano. Few and
    good ingredients: flour, butter, eggs, sugar and vanilla scent.
    There are two types of Bussolà: the iconic one with the shape of a donut and the one with
    the S-shape.
  2. Zaeti
    Small cookies made with corn flour and raisins. The first man to talk about the Zaeti was,
    Carlo Goldoni, a famous playwright, who suggested to eat them with a good liqueur wine
    in his work “La buona moglie” (The good wife- 1749).
  3. Frittelle
    The “fritoe” are connected with the Carnival, but you can find them in the pastry shops in
    Venice throughout the year. During the Republic of Venice they became the National
    Sweet of the lagoon city.

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