Canella: the taste of Venice around the world!

Bellini Canella, a historic company founded in San Donà di Piave (Venice) in 1988, is known all over the
world for its famous peach-coloured cocktail: the Bellini.
It is made up of three parts of Brut sparkling wine, one part of juice and pulp of white peaches and a few
drops of raspberry that give it the characteristic pink colour. The white peaches, controlled in the Italian
supply chain directly by the Canella family, are harvested only when they have reached perfect ripeness for obtaining the maximum concentration of sugars and natural aromas.
The Bellini is appreciated not only in Italy, but also abroad. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of American
movie stars and singers who are in love with our lagoon aperitif.
Bellini Canella is a great example of Made in Italy, since they were able to evolve and be one step ahead.
After 35 years the family brought its wonderful and latest product at Vinitaly: the Bellini 0°, the alcohol-free. version made up with the same ingredients, but without the alcohol, which is removed by using an
innovative and unique process that preserves the flavours. You can taste the Bellini 0° whenever you want, since nothing has changed. The aromas and the flavours are still there in our iconic Venetian cocktail with a. calorific value of 29 Kcal./100g.
Actually, 2023 is the year of new trends, such as the Italian drinks without alcohol. From supermarkets to
wine shops, from exclusive restaurants to individual consumers, everybody wants to try wines, beers and
spirits without alcohol. This trend involves not only nondrinkers, but also GenZ and people with a healthy
and cool lifestyle. This kind of drink is called “mocktail”, an abbreviation for “mock cocktail”. People who
ask for a mocktail, order it as a first choice. This is a real revolution in the mixology and it allows everybody. to enjoy a night with friends drinking mock tails which are as good as drinks with alcohol.
A glass of Bellini, with or without alcohol, is always a good idea!